What People Pay For

When it comes to learning and education, people pay for one thing: jobs.

It looks like they may pay for other things (books, courses, tuition, learning, etc.) but those are ultimately in the service of getting a job, or getting a better job. There is a small percentage of parents and individuals whose aims are loftier - lifelong learning as a way towards happier lives and healthier planets. But their share of the total investment is likely to be a rounding error.

So, if ultimately jobs are the reason why anyone gets out their wallet (this holds true for individuals, and for governments) what are the things

There is a lot of research linking degrees to higher lifetime earnings. So, people invest in degrees. Even though we know that degrees are these proxy indicators that combine a lot of other signals about someone’s employability, such as the quality and reach of their network, their ability to follow the rules, their

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